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After builders cleaning

If you need a professional after-builder cleaning service in Liverpool, Merseyside and Nearby Towns to get your home or office in shape after renovation or decoration work, you can rely on the Good Cleaners Cleaning Services team. We're going to make sure your property is spotless, so you can enjoy the results of the improvements you've made. Our experienced after-builder cleaners should leave the place in a pristine condition, tending even to the smallest details. Good Cleaners Cleaning Services provides you with comprehensive, low-cost service. Please give us a call to book a cleaner for your home or office.
High-end professional equipment
Same day bookings & real-time availability
Regular Quality Control for fantastic results
REAL professional cleaners you can trust
More free time for the things you love to do

After Builders Cleaning Checklist

Below you can see some of the jobs that our professional cleaners can do for your home in Liverpool:
  • Dusting off all the areas in the property
  • Cleaning of carpets, carpets and upholstery
  • Vacuuming and mopping hard flooring
  • Wiping and polishing of hard surfaces
  • Scrubbing bathtub, toilet and sink
  • Cleaning and polishing of tiles
  • Cleaning doors, door frames and handles
  • Clean windows, window frames and sills
  • Polishing of mirrors and frames
  • Cleaning of skirt boards
  • Removing the waste left from the building and renovation work
  • Cleaning of light fixtures and switches
This is just a sample of our most requested jobs, so if you don't see the job you want listed here, please give us a call – you can be sure that our trustworthy professionals will handle any after-builder cleaning tasks in your home or commercial property.

Why Good Cleaners Cleaning?

We want to make Good Cleaners Cleaning Services your first choice when it comes to hiring a cleaning service. That's why we're trying to give you that little extra help and attention to detail that other businesses fail to deliver. So if you're struggling to get your home back to normal after a renovation or decoration project, our London after-builder cleaning service is just what you need. We provide affordable and efficient cleaning that will help you get rid of dust, dirt and other building materials.

With our services, you will save time, money and effort to clean up your home or workplace to the highest standards.

After Builders Clean

Good Cleaners Cleaning Services team will assist you with your home renovation, decoration or repair work. Our Liverpool, Merseyside and Nearby Towns experts have extensive experience and are trained to handle a wide range of cleaning activities for your home or office. Our after-builder team will come fully equipped, so you don't have to worry about renting equipment or buying specialized products. Our team uses professional cleaning tools and supplies to keep your property spotless.